Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Real Estate in St. Petersburg

Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Real Estate in St. Petersburg

Located in the booming Tampa Bay area, St. Petersburg is one of Florida’s premier locations to do business. Boasting a diverse and affordable variety of commercial real estate options to choose from, St. Petersburg offers a superb destination for businesses of all sizes and sectors. From small businesses seeking flexible and affordable office spaces to large corporations looking for Class-A properties in prestigious locales, St. Petersburg has something for everyone.

Here’s a closer look at commercial property in the city, including a general look at some of the options available, local amenities, the economy of St. Petersburg, and the advantages of doing business here.

Commercial real estate in St. Petersburg

Commercial properties in St. Petersburg offer plenty of superb options for all sorts of businesses, regardless of their size or sector. The city boasts a modern and diverse commercial real estate stock with choices for small businesses, medium businesses, large corporations, solo entrepreneurs, startups, and just about everyone else in between.

The city offers a wide array of office, retail, and commercial space readily available for all types of businesses. Numerous options for Class-A office space are currently on the market in the city, offering modern amenities, spacious and flexible floorplans, and updated systems. Other commercial real estate options are available in Class-B and Class-C properties as well, offering even more choices for businesses looking to set up shop in this vibrant city.

For example, a small business, such as a micro-brewery, restaurant, or retailer, could find an array of affordable options in the city, including much-prized corner lots with abundant car and foot traffic. Companies like technology startups will also find a wide variety of flexible, open floor plans in buildings at very reasonable prices. At the same time, medium-sized businesses in sectors like communications, healthcare, or finance will discover plenty of options as well, suited for their growth-minded needs and desire for flexibility and versatility. Large companies of all sectors will also find a bevy of Class-A office space available in convenient locations and at economical prices, while at the other end of the spectrum, solo entrepreneurs looking for small yet flexible office spaces to launch, experiment, and grow will find a wide array of suitable choices.

St. Petersburg offers plentiful options for commercial property locations, including its booming downtown and the Gateway area business district of Pinellas County. All properties enjoy easy access to the city and the transportation infrastructure, along with a favorable business climate. Many commercial properties in St. Petersburg also come with onsite parking, making it easy for employees, customers, and others to access them.

From downtown Class-A offices ideal for large companies to corner properties perfect for retail businesses looking to tap into the booming Tampa Bay Area’s strong economy, St. Petersburg serves up a diverse and affordable commercial real estate stock. No matter what you’re looking for, St. Petersburg has something waiting for you!

Amenities in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a great place to do business for a number of reasons. The city enjoys a prime location in the heart of the vibrant Tampa Bay Area. It boasts a superb transportation infrastructure network that includes Interstates 175, 275, and 375, as well as an extensive local road network connecting it to nearby cities like Tampa, Clearwater, and other top destinations. St. Petersburg is also conveniently close to St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport and Tampa International Airport, plus the Albert Whitted Airport near the city’s downtown.

Mass transit is provided by the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority, offering an easy and affordable way to get around the city and its neighboring communities. In addition, St. Petersburg also boasts excellent public and private schools as well as numerous colleges, such as the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, Eckerd College, and St. Petersburg College.

The city of St. Petersburg also hosts a diverse dining scene that caters to every taste and budget. After-hours entertainment is also provided by the city’s wealth of restaurants, bars, cafes, and eateries, while the broader Tampa Bay Area offers additional entertainment options to explore.

The economy of St. Petersburg

The city of St. Petersburg plays host to a vibrant and fast-growing economy, with pillar industries primarily being finance, professional services, healthcare, retail, education, tourism, and communications. Most economic activity is concentrated in the Gateway area of Pinellas County, which is a 30-square-mile, mixed-use business district that’s currently home to more than 2,700 businesses, including key players like the Home Shopping Network, Raymond James Financial, and Jabil.

Advantages of doing business in St. Petersburg

Those seeking commercial real estate in St. Petersburg will find that the city has many benefits when it comes to doing business there.

The city enjoys a prime location in the lively Tampa Bay Area, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States and home to nearly 3.2 million people, according to the 2020 Census. The region holds a well-educated workforce that promises a deep talent pool for companies looking to grow there, plus a robust transportation infrastructure that includes highways, mass transit, and airports. The city also offers a low cost of doing business, highlighted by Florida’s low tax rates and business-friendly environment in general.

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